Stupid birds, stupid sun.

Despite the fact that I made heavy felted curtains to block out nearly all bits and pieces of light, Knittykid is still choosing to get up before 5am every day. The time of choice today? 4:30am. Just needed to share the agony a bit here.

Other than that, Have a Happy 4th my American friends!!!!!



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13 responses to “4:30am

  1. deb

    But does that mean you don’t have to go to fireworks and can stay home and sleep???

  2. We were up at 5am today with a boy who had had bad dreams all night. Weird how it can feel like lunchtime at 9:45am!

  3. Oh man. I hear the birds going crazy about 3:00 in the morning here some days. I want to go out and wring some feathery little necks since they are being so stinkin’ cheerful in the middle of the night!

  4. Jeanne

    Oh no! Maybe you are raising one of those annoying morning people? The before-5am-ers are particularly annoying.

    On the other hand, imagine not having to drag him out of bed every morning for school…

  5. My sympathy – Ophelia (cat) likes to tell me that I ought be be up at whenever the sun is up 😦

  6. Ours went through that, too. One solution we found is to take the kid to fireworks in local towns three nights running – then she sleeps in a bit.

  7. Yep – fireworks help a great deal – I had to wake C up at 9 the last couple of days!

  8. Jess

    Oh gosh, I’m sorry you were woken so early, that’s so hard on you especially during pregnancy. Hopefully he let you sleep in a little later today!

    We have one curtain with blackout fabric in the kids’ room and I need to get the other window covered as well – the blinds just aren’t cutting it. But at least mine are giving us until 6:30 or so most days…

  9. I am noting Jeanne’s comment so I can kick her butt next time I see her… signed, a morning person who is very sensitive to light

  10. Urgh, I feel your pain. It will be no consolation to know that mine used to do that and now they oversleep Every Single School Morning, but not weekends, for some annoying reason. No, I know what it is, they’re doing it deliberately to drive me insane!

  11. Does keeping him up later help?

  12. missscarlett

    Oh no!
    That sounds terrible.

    My deepest sympathy.

    Wishing you an early night!

  13. I recommend swimming as a sleep inducer. We’ve been hitting the pool almost every afternoon and it’s been getting harder and harder to get Youngest Child up in the morning. And he’s my early riser!

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