No motivation

Just a quick pop in to say I’m still around. Thanks for all the words of support about my crazy week. The Skeptic is back and thankfully taking no more road trips for work. We are back to normal every day craziness now, thankfully!

However,  my blogging motivation has been stripped down to zero this past week or so. I’ve got a ton of soakers knit, but no photos to show. Maybe later in the week I’ll get the energy up to take a few pictures and get some knitting on this blog. In the meantime I’m stressing about getting curtains made, but humidity and I don’t mix well, especially while I’m pregnant, so we’ll see what comes of it.



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10 responses to “No motivation

  1. deb

    There’s a lot of lo-mo around the blog world lately!

  2. Yea…being pregnant in July/August stunk. I also am ultra-sensitive to humidity now. I basically implode emotionally once the humidity starts to rise.

  3. PS – Stay reeeeeeeally hydrated. Being dehydrated ’caused pre-term labor with my second guy.

  4. Ugh. I remember that combination from last summer. Hang in there!

  5. Hi there! And take care.

  6. I’m not pregnant or anything like that, but my mother reports being pregnant in June sucked. But she was thankful she had a baby instead of a belly in July and August. However, in terms of humidity sensitivity, I have no tolerance for humidity. I live in Alaska where it is mild, and that is bothersome. I feel for you and if nothing else you can use baby belly as a table for a nice cold glass of iced tea.

  7. ali

    I hear ya with the ‘humidity and I don’t mix well’.
    Well, it’s finally August, which means it’s almost over… sigh… It also means I’ll be spending a lot more time outside in this thickness while attending teenson’s soccer practices- but, it should make the month go by quickly.

    Hang in there, put those window units in, even if you have to stuff pillows and towels around them (bats in the house are gross, believe me, I know…)

    Happy knitting-

  8. Just think how skinny you’ll feel next summer! (And what a lovely family you’ll have!)

  9. Don’t go crazy, you’ve still got seven weeks. And babies don’t arrive to start looking at teh place. Hey if you wait a bit you might be able to get heaps of help coz you’ll have a new baby to look after hehehe

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