I agreed to what??

“Sure honey, go ahead and go out on the road for a week. We could use the extra money and I know how much you love to work washed up rock and roll shows at county fairs. I can survive seven days with the boys, we’ve done it before.”

All I could think of for seven days was “I f$%#ing agreed to what??””” If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m pregnant right now and therefore not drinking, I would have thought that I must have been drunk to say yes.

The Skeptic is back now. Here’s the short list of what happened in our week:

-exploding plumbing under the sink

-two year molars + possible weird ear infection resulting in fever and massive screaming three nights in a row, plus intensive clinginess all week long

-the death (AGAIN, how many freaking times can I have this happen?) of my computer

-massive temps and humidity but me with no air conditioning (we couldn’t find the foam inserts that keep the bats out, I thought bats in the house would be extra, extra bad, so I said don’t put them in the windows yet)

-general bedtime mayhem plus pregnancy hormones that left Knittykid saying “Are you okay Mommy?” as Little Man hid under his blankets

-cat diarrhea

I’ll stop there, but you get the drift. There were fun moments, I managed to get both boys and both dogs down to my parents for the weekend, which helped a great deal. And somehow things managed to settle down by Thursday (maybe I was the five hours of TV I gave into for Little Man). By the time the Skeptic got home I was actually somewhat cheerful and in a good mood again. Which he was happy about, since the last time he called me I told him “If someone came over and broke both of my legs right now it would be a relief.”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad. But to my Skeptic: Let’s keep the shows local for the rest of the summer, okay?



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18 responses to “I agreed to what??

  1. Good grief. Sounds like your week was…eventful. šŸ™‚

    Hope things get back to normal soon!

  2. Oh no! I hope that extra money is going to something VERY useful, like a new computer or the new baby’s college fund.

  3. Yikes! *puts on soothing music for knittymama*

  4. deb

    Shit – and I thought I had a bad two weeks with Jon gone! You win!

  5. Jeanne

    Yikes! Hope everything is calming down a bit now.

  6. Guinifer

    Oh sweetie! This must mean that the whole birth experience is going to be very non-traumatic!

  7. Yikes! It all seems to hit the fan at the worst possible moment, doesn’t it? Hope things get much better now that the Skeptic is home!

  8. Holy cow! I’m glad that the Skeptic has returned and that you’ve got an extra pair of hands there now. Of course, this means that everything will start to run perfectly smoothly because that is just how the fates like things to work…

    But, either way, it is a break in the chaos, right?

  9. Goodness! I feel extra bad ’cause you couldn’t sit down at the end of the day(s) and “make it all better” with a good beer or glass of wine (or two). Glad your Skeptic’s home now!

  10. Feng-Yi

    wow..I feel sorry for you but you survived!!

    I am back to MN, which I wish I am still in Taiwan with my parents….How can I complain handling one plus one after reading your story!!

  11. Megan

    Oh no! I wish you would have called me to take the boys or at least Otto for a playdate. And, I must say, you may be crazy for letting him go. I would NEVER let Nick go for even a weekend and leave me with my two wild boys -and I’m not pregnant… that’s it – it must have been some kind of pregnancy psychosis that made you say yes!

  12. I also agreed to let my husband leave for a ‘four day business trip’ which turned into two weeks.

    By the end of the two weeks with three dogs, work and school, I felt prepared to strangle either him or myself… Just to ease the psychosis. šŸ™‚

  13. Oh dear! Hope it has all been fixed now.

  14. Gack! Glad he’s home.

  15. Sounds like the week from h*ll šŸ˜‰ Glad you’re not on your own any more!

  16. Oh no!!!! I’m glad he’s back. Ick.

  17. oh my! at least you didn’t include my weekend of a stay in the hospital. is your extra money going toward some pretty new computer or padded room to hide in?

  18. missscarlett

    When things go wrong they go so very wrong, don’t they?

    Glad he’s home and I hope things have settled down!

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