Just to prove I’m still here…

Wow, the last two weeks have been a whirlwind! I actually have a ton of FO’s to show you, but not any time to post them all. Here’s a little sneak of the BSJ:

5.30 024

Any button suggestions?

5.30 028

A colorway closeup. It’s the Knitpicks fingering dyed by me with onion skin and tumeric.

I’m off to Chicago this weekend for a conference. A trip like this always gives me mixed feelings. It’s three nights by myself in a swanky hotel without the boys. Just like Toronto, I’m sure I’ll love it the first night and be ready to come home already the second.

Any Chicago travel suggestions for me? The conference is out by O’Hare, but I guess there is a train station close by. Remember, you’re talking to a 27 week pregnant lady who has to rely on public transport and hasn’t been to Chicago since she was 18. I’m looking for good yarn, good food, easy to get to!



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13 responses to “Just to prove I’m still here…

  1. What about buttons shaped like little suns? Don’t know if they exist, I just think that would be cute.

  2. The yarn is beautiful and so is the jacket!

  3. So sunny and happy! No Chicago suggestions – I hope you enjoy your minibreak. 🙂

  4. We’re heading down Chicago-way tomorow as well. We’re going for Lacrosse tho’. The jacket is really cute.

  5. Not that I am totally in to Twinkies or anything, but I hear you can go to this cafe and have all sorts of Twinkie creations. Are you aware that Twinkies are from Chicago? I wasn’t until Yesterday. The things you learn on the travel channel.

    The sweater is so sunny. Is this chicklet b/g? If you can find a pearly sun button, That’s what I would put on. Better yet, get a button in Chicago to put on the sweater so you can tell the bun where he/she went while in the oven!

  6. My friend Sarah has just been and she took some great photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14416687@N00/sets/72157605227941191/

    That is a beautiful baby sweater. I like Jennifer’s suggestion about the little suns

  7. Jess

    I love the suggestion of sun buttons! That would be all kinds of fantastic. Otherwise, something in a contrasting color would be fun.

    Have a good trip! No ideas on Chicago, really.

  8. Hey there, have a good trip! And that jacket is just awesome – love that happy yellow yarn.

  9. Dawn

    I went into Chicago last weekend and visited Loopy Yarns. It is located on State Street (in the Loop area.) It would be a short walk from the train stations. They had a wonderful selection that you don’t see in the suburbs and the staff was very friendly.

  10. ali

    I love the way that yarn turned out knit up! Makes me want to dye something…

    Have fun in Chicago- I haven’t been since my honeymoon. We enjoyed their art museum, A LOT! Seeing so many works I’d only ever seen prints of, or seen in books, or in movies (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)…

    Have a great time,
    happy knitting-

  11. Meg

    that’s awesome. so sunny and happy – I think sun buttons would be great, or sunflowers if girl. My sister dyed some wool last month and I’ve been (strongly) encouraging her to make it into a BSJ for her Christmas baby – this is a perfect example of why she should! 🙂

  12. missscarlett

    Dyed with onion skin and tumeric? That’s great. The colours are so cheery.
    I think the little sun buttons would be cute too.

    Have a great trip!

  13. I can only say that O’Hare is not my favorite airport to visit, sorry.

    But for buttons? How about miniature oranges?

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