Playing Catch-up (Again)

I feel like I’ve been finishing things up like crazy lately but not posting much about them. You all think I’m more creative than I really am. It is, alas, just a hat. But a cute hat:
Sweet Baby Hat
Sweet Baby Hat
Sweet Baby Hat
Sweet Baby Hat
hat head

Pattern: Sweet Baby Cap
I also made mittens using Ann Budd’s book of patterns.

Yarn: Mountain Colors Twizzle in Sweet Pea.

Needles: Size three, although the yarn calls for 4-6. I wanted it tight for winter wear. I also didn’t get gauge, so I think I knit the 6mo pattern to get it to fit a toddler. I’ll have to go back and measure. I did have to stretch it a bit as well. I’d knit it larger next time, but it works.

I cannot say enough good things about this yarn… soft, beautiful colors that just shine. I can’t believe I’m giving it to a toddler who will (1) get them muddy (2) lose them (3) refuse to wear them.

Here’s the practical picture so you can actually see in it focus:
sweet baby hat

Excuse the lame towel in the background. I was in a hurry and it’s all I could find to get it to stand out from the woodwork. I do have more to post about buy Mystery is starting. How I do love Inspector Linley



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20 responses to “Playing Catch-up (Again)

  1. That is the cutest hat and mitten set ever!!! It is going to be well-used this winter, I suspect.

  2. It’s incredibly cute and the colors are wonderful!

  3. Oh, supercute hat & mittens. We can never have enough mittens here – last week one of mine manage to lose a glove in the first day she wore them! I am thinking I might have to stitch her into them …

  4. They killed off Helen! I’ve got the books, but I’m not that far.

  5. I love the colors of that yarn!

    So do you know any special techniques to get hats to stay on the heads of toddlers who are reluctant to wear them? (Or are yours kids not as anti-hat as mine?) šŸ™‚

  6. Oh, what a cute hat & mitten set! I hope the icord tie on the mittens keeps him from losing them, and maybe he’ll keep the hat on once he realizes it’s keeping his ears warm.

    Is Big Brother the sort of kid who worries about losing things? If he is, he may keep an eye on his brother and let you know if something gets dropped – that’s what happens with us.

  7. Love the hat and mittens, they are really cute

  8. Very cute. I’m a fan in Inspector Linley myself, but I forgot all about him last night! Damn.

  9. Wow! Gorgeous colors…love the hat, but the hat hair shot is definitely my favorite of the bunch!

  10. Megan

    Aw! I love them! The yarn is so pretty and the pattern is so very cute. I hope to see these in person soon!

  11. I love the colors in that yarn! And the hat and mittens are so cute šŸ™‚

  12. Cute little set there!

    You won the kitty stitch markers!! I posted that you won but maybe you haven’t been by my way. Send me your snail mail and I will send them out. Congrats!!

  13. Beautiful hat! Love the yarn.

  14. Wow! Wonderful colorway and the hat is so cute. However, the hair-do following the removal of said hat is the best!

  15. That is some serious cute!

  16. These are both so cute! I have been tempted by Twizzle… it looks gorgeous!

  17. missscarlett

    Adorable! I really like the hat hair picture!

    The mitts and hat are so sweet. You know – the thing is they are going to do that with all of the outdoor accessories – but you know they were made with love and they really do too.

    I love what a great job your toddler is doing wearing the hat in the house! Will it be the same outside?

  18. SO adorable. I may have to make this for some of the babies all my friends keep having. šŸ™‚

  19. Those colors are great! The hat looks very cute.

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