Gift for my doula

We would never, ever give birth without our trusty doula at our side. We love her and have had two beautiful birth experiences with her assistance. Here is the scarf I finally finished for her.

silk lace
silk lace

Pattern: Silk Lace Scarf from the SnB 2007 calendar (January)
Yarn: Lisa Souza silk in “Wild Things”
Needles: I forgot. 8?
Love, love, love this scarf.



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21 responses to “Gift for my doula

  1. Gorgeous scarf! Gosh, I hope I saved that page from the calendar…

  2. Lovely scarf! Now why don’t I ever get that calendar????

  3. Amy

    Wow, it’s so pretty. Lucky doula!

  4. What a lovely gift! I’m sure she’ll appreciate it. Doulas are so wonderful – I think our first birth would’ve turned out a lot differently if we hadn’t had a doula.

  5. Echoing Jess (above) – not sure our birth would have “turned out” at all if not for our glorious Doula!

    Lovely scarf πŸ™‚

  6. Oooo…beautiful scarf for a special person!

  7. Gretchen

    Beautiful scarf!

  8. Really really lovely. And such a lovely thought to make it for her.

  9. How lovely!

    I knit a scarf for my midwife, too. She loved it. I’m sure your doula will love hers as well.

    Scarves–so emblematic of coziness–just seem so appropriate for these amazing women who help bring life and joy into the world.

  10. Gorgeous!

    We used a doula with my first birth. It was a wonderful way to give birth with the help of a doula!

  11. Girl, you are knitting like a machine! Love the scarf.

  12. It’s beautiful! I love the flecks of color.

    Quite a few of the OB nurses at the hospital have midwife training, I’m hoping they’re going to be a saving grace whenever our little girl starts coming! The childbirth seminar they gave last month already immpressed me more than my doctor has so far!

  13. knittymama's mama

    Beautiful, beautiful scarf!!

  14. It’s lovely, and a perfect gift! : )

  15. The perfect gift for that special person! She will love it. It will be great on those late night winter calls to assist new moms!

  16. missscarlett

    That is gorgoeus! What a fantastic gift.

  17. Great scarf!!!

    Can you email me your snail mail at so I can get your kitty stitch markers to their new home!! Thanks!

  18. Beautiful scarf! She deserves it. πŸ™‚

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