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All Matchy-Matchy

Well, I didn’t mean to just fall of the planet there, but I guess I did. I’ve just been too sleepy lately at night to do any computer stuff, or should I say computer stuff that  I need to think about. Random clicking, sure. A thoughtful sentence? Not as long at Spinner keeps up this incredibly slow process of getting his molars and waking up at 4:30 in the morning.

But I DO have some FO’s to report that I’m incredibly happy with. And the best part, I actually planned it all out ahead and I now have winter gear that actually matches. Because if you are like me, you just go ahead and knit a sweet pair of mitts and then realize it clashes with your scarf, your hat, or whatever else you’ve got to wear. Not this time. My new green coat was screaming for purple accessories.

First up, Damson by Ysolda Teague. I want to knit every pattern she has written, I love her stuff that much. This was an easy knit, except for the one inch I didn’t notice my YO’s were on the wrong side of the stitch marker. I noticed two inches past and decided it wasn’t noticeable enough to frog, so I went with it.


Next, my Head Hugger from Stitch and Bitch Nation. This has been waiting in my stash for four years to be completed. Guess I needed the green coat to get it OTN.


Lastly, my garter stitch mitts from Weekend Knitting. There aren’t a lot of patterns I knit over and over again but this is one of them.


I knit with my own handspun from Loop in Earth Goddesss (she’s doing a shop update today and had some of this last night as well, you might be able to snag a batt.)
Knitting these was an education in how to spin for a project:
1. I might want to be more aware of what I might be spinning. The color differences would have been fine with a hat but with mitts they look a bit too different.
2. Same with plying and size. Notice how one mitt is bigger than the other?
3. Density matters. My earlier spinning (this is at least a year or more old) was pretty dense. I really like a lighter yarn, but I think recently I’ve solved that problem.


So there you have it, one very matchy-matchy ensemble. And I’m sad to see I have only close ups, nothing of the whole thing!! But trust me, it’s very cute.

Quick question before I wish you all a happy weekend. Is it okay to just do Ravelry links these days? Do I have any regular readers who aren’t on Ravely who would like regular links? Please let me know and I’ll be sure to post them, otherwise I’m just posting Ravelry links from now on.

Now I can say, have a great weekend! I for one will be playing with my new serger. And working on the start of some new reviews on Monday. If you’ve been wondering which sock books to buy, I think I can help you out!


P.S If you are a local sewer, be sure to stop by and visit Sewtropolis, a sweet little sewing studio in South Minneapolis. She’s got a great line up of classes scheduled!!



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In Memorium

Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have my camera. Because it would break your heart to see what these darlings look like now:


Going by my newfound yarn knowledge from Ms. Parks as well as my spinning studies, I chose the wrong yarn for the project.

They were knit from a loosly spun, woolen spun, two-ply shetland. A lovely yarn for a tam or a sweater. Not a yarn to hold up to keys, car seats, door handles and kids. I tried to darn, but where I closed up one hole another emerged. I counted seven at last count, and the tip of the right mitten has all but disappeared.

Although I want to replace the pair, I need mittens fast. It’s still freezing here in Minnesota (although today was much better) and I don’t have the time for another fair isle project.

The replacement?

EZ mitered mittens from Knitters Almanac, in some very sturdy blue Peace Fleece. Let’s see what that car seat strap does to these babies.


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Playing Catch-up (Again)

I feel like I’ve been finishing things up like crazy lately but not posting much about them. You all think I’m more creative than I really am. It is, alas, just a hat. But a cute hat:
Sweet Baby Hat
Sweet Baby Hat
Sweet Baby Hat
Sweet Baby Hat
hat head

Pattern: Sweet Baby Cap
I also made mittens using Ann Budd’s book of patterns.

Yarn: Mountain Colors Twizzle in Sweet Pea.

Needles: Size three, although the yarn calls for 4-6. I wanted it tight for winter wear. I also didn’t get gauge, so I think I knit the 6mo pattern to get it to fit a toddler. I’ll have to go back and measure. I did have to stretch it a bit as well. I’d knit it larger next time, but it works.

I cannot say enough good things about this yarn… soft, beautiful colors that just shine. I can’t believe I’m giving it to a toddler who will (1) get them muddy (2) lose them (3) refuse to wear them.

Here’s the practical picture so you can actually see in it focus:
sweet baby hat

Excuse the lame towel in the background. I was in a hurry and it’s all I could find to get it to stand out from the woodwork. I do have more to post about buy Mystery is starting. How I do love Inspector Linley


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