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Loved all your comments on the knitter conversation. I’m still trying to decide which one of you is right. I’m betting that she has an acrylic garter stitch scarf full of holes in her knitting bag and she was afraid I would see it! As long as she doesn’t think I’m a weirdo who looks in people’s cars I’m OK with whatever knitting sphere she dwells in.

My mom has been visiting us all week, which has been a lot of fun an a blessed relief from some of the more mundane parts of the week. It is so, so nice to cook supper without two children screaming at my feet the entire time. Instead they’ve been busy playing and I’ve had a chance to chill. In fact, my mom is upstairs and putting Little Man to bed right now. Thank you Mom!!!!

I finished up my anklets and one of the Embossed Leaves socks. I got back to work on the Skeptic socks and turned quite a nice short row heel. (Told you I would master that one soon.) He tried it on and the conversation went something like this:

Skeptic: It’s too baggy in the toe.

Me: No, it’s perfect.

Skeptic: I told you not to knit me socks. They aren’t gonna fit.

Me: Yes they are. These will be the best socks ever and you will beg me to make more of them for you.

Skeptic: They’re going to fall down.

Me: No they won’t, they are RIBBED!!!!

How can I possibly live with a person like this? And more so, WHY am I knitting him socks?

And since we’re on the topic of the Skeptic, here is a bag that I sewed at a Textile Center class last week:

lined bag 2

I love this bag. See the lining? Yes, it is lined. I lined a bag…very exciting stuff here.  I got home and the Skeptic said, “Looks like those straps might break.  Oh, honey, but it is really nice… really… seriously… it’s very very nice. I’m sure your straps are just fine.”

Do you all see why he has this nickname now? But I do love him dearly. His glass half empty approach balances out my  glass  overflowing approach to life. Isn’t it funny how people match up like that?

Well, my mom is down, the boys are asleep and it’s time for a movie. One last random thing. (This is a very blabby post). Did anone read the old school/new school articles on the lastest Vogue? What did you think? I’m curious.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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