Daily Archives: August 3, 2007

WIP Update

No pictures, as nothing is that exciting to look at quite yet but….

-the silk lace scarf just needs fringe and blocking, can’t wait to show it off!!

-the boring but practical anklets are only needing one more toe.

-the Embossed Leaves socks are up to the first heel. This is my second attempt at a short row heel. The first pair I made using this technique was a bit holey, wish me luck!

I’m determined to master that heel while watching Miss Marple tonight. I’ve told the Skeptic he’s got bedtime with Knittybaby and I’ve informed Little Man I’m off duty at 8pm and he needs to stay in bed. Think it will work?

Thanks for all your well-wishes, prayers and thoughts sent here to Minneapolis. It’s nice to know that despite this tragedy there is so much positive energy being sent our way. We all really appreciate it.

Have a lovely, safe and peaceful weekend everyone.



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