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I’m a Knitting Stalker

So Little Man was at day camp last week. Its at the same place he has pre-school, but his usual crowd wasn’t there, it was all new kids. This of course means new moms. There was a very friendly mom who’s daughter was really liking Little Man and kept calling him her new best friend. The the mom and I chit-chatted quite a bit over the week during the drop off/pick-up times and all was well. Then I saw the needles.

I honestly was only walking past her car when I noticed the two giant (I’m talking green 14 inch aluminum here) needles sticking up out of a bag on her front seat.  This was great: another knitting obsessed mom! I mean, anyone who has knitting needles just sitting there in a bag, poised for action much be as obsessive as me, right?

So the next day after we dropped off the kids and were heading back to the parking lot, I casually mentioned, “I noticed you’ve got knitting needles in you car…are you a knitter?” This is where I expected the “Oh, yes!!! Are you a knitter too?” Then we would have the exciting knitting conversation and it would be fun.

Instead I got this: “Oh…yeah…I knit.” Then nothing.

I replied that I knit too, and asked her if she had a knitting group (thinking I’d invite her to SnB). She replied that yes, she did, and well, it was only three people and they only met once a month. She then said they were always looking for more people and invited me, but was really weird about the whole conversation, not her usual chatty self. I mentioned my group and that she’d be welcome to come anytime as well, and that was that. See ya’ later.

The whole conversation was just weird and awkward and then I realized there are three possibilities.
1. She’s really just not that into knitting and my enthusiasm for it is just too enthusiastic.

2. She thinks I’m a weirdo who was standing there looking in her car. (I swear, I seriously just walked by a noticed them. She was parked right next to me!! I do not make a habit of walking around parking lots looking in people’s cars. I mean, this is Minneapolis, you’ll get arrested for that here, right?)

3. Both.

And with that, I’ll leave you to ponder it all. The Skeptic is waiting with coffee.



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