Daily Archives: August 8, 2007


So I’m finally on the toe of the Embossed Leaves sock. I’m happy to report that I actually had three nights in a row to knit, three nights!!!! Amazing that all kids were asleep without a fuss by 8pm. Life is good.

I was slightly disappointed Friday night however to discover that this pattern does not use the short row heel but a heel flap. I was ready to tackle it but oh well, another night, another sock.

Here’s a shocking photo. You may all gasp at the danger in this picture:

baby attacks sock

It was a close call but no knitting was damaged.

This is much better:

embossed leaves

And a close up:

embossed leaves close up

I”m not sure how the lace is working with this yarn. I love this yarn so very much, but I’m on the fence as to whether it works with the lace pattern. Either way I’m keeping it, no ripping for me thanks but I’d still love opinions.

I got some sewing done too but I’ll leave that for another post. We’ve got a world record to go and break this morning.



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