I have approximately 3.5 minutes before Knittybaby will wake up again for the 80th time this evening. Therefore, there will be no long incredibly detailed post on my wonderful day at Shepherd’s Harvest. If you want a sneak peak, check out my Flickr badge. There’s lots more on my page. Otherwise stay tuned for:

A really detailed account of Shepherd’s Harvest and all the cool stuff I saw and bought.

An update on everything I’m knitting, since I realized most of my “In Progress” stuff is actually done and the stuff I’m working on isn’t even on this blog yet.

A cool community project I was a part of.

Okay, he’s still asleep. Maybe I’ll have time to brush my teeth too before I give in and just stay in bed for the night.



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8 responses to “Teething

  1. Oh, teething… Poor munchkin! And I had no idea how dangerous it was to just have a few teeth… poor tongue and lips and mouth…

  2. Ugh teething. I hope for his sake and yours that the tooth/teeth come in soon!

  3. Aww, poor kiddo. Teething is so hard on them and on the parents too. Especially on Mama, in my experience. We’re working on the 2yo molars here, which is a whole other circle of hell.

    I’m sorry I missed seeing you at Shepherd’s Harvest. I can’t wait to see what you got!

  4. You’re killing me with the lack of descriptions on the pictures! Do I see a Shetland fleece there?

  5. Ooooh. My second one teethed like he couldn’t be bothered to feel the pain (he’s my hockey/lacrosse player), but my first one! Oy. Ear infections with every tooth. Plus, he didn’t sleep so I had to re-teach him to sleep through the night every time a tooth came in. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep until he was two and half years old. I feel your pain. I’m sure the next thing you would’ve typed in that blog entry was this:


  6. Comforting hugs to KnittyBaby (and Knitty Mama) as you all go through teething. Here’s hoping that it passes quickly!

  7. B

    Aw poor kid. Growing teeth sucks. My daughter just started. I hope everyone got some sleep.

  8. Such wonderful goodies! I keep looking back at the gorgeous yellow of that Morning Sun yarn!

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