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Monster Mash

If you’re like me, you can’t bear to throw out any scrap of yarn. Even the little 6 inch leftover scraps I trim off after weaving in ends…I keep them all. This is not just me being a little over obsessive about yarn. It does serve a practical purpose, as looking at all those scraps shoved together in a plastic baggie often give me new ideas for color or texture combinations that I may not have thought of otherwise.

However, sometimes little boys find those bags of scraps. Sometimes those little boys want to “make something” with those scraps. And sometimes a mom wants to try to get a few minutes of peace and quiet and decides that not all those scraps are really that important. With that thought, I give you this very, very mini tutorial on how to make a monster with your pre-schooler.

1. Put your baby down for his nap first. That way you will get your ten minutes of quiet.

2. Gather your pre-schooler and explain that it’s a special day: they get to use Mama’s Yarn Scraps. Watch them jump up and down with glee.

3. Grap a handful of scraps and cut them up into little furry pieces.

Monster Mash 1

4. Draw a monster. Make sure he’s got a big, fat body. As you can see, refined drawing skills are not necessary!

Monster Mash 2

5. Fill up your monster’s furry spots with glue.

Monster Mash 3

6. Now comes the best part. Tell your child to put the monster’s fur on. Show him how to mash down the yarn onto the glue. Tell them to do a few pieces at a time so it sticks really well. And then, sneak away. Mop the floor, do the dishes, fold some laundry, or (gasp!) say the hell with housework and go and knit. I was a good girl and mopped the kitchen.

7. You may get called back to draw a monster dog and box to add to the picture. But nevertheless, your child will happily glue yarn, you’ll get a little break and when you’re all done:

Monster Mash 4

You’ve got a furry little monster, one baggie less of yarn scraps, a thrilled pre-schooler and a happy mom.



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