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Shepherd’s Harvest

We’re in the midst of our little teething crisis. Two have poked through on top, and the bottom two aren’t all that swollen yet. I’m really hoping to get my needle rolls sewn tonight. Yes, I’m that behind. Never fear contest winners, they will be done!!!

But before I drag my machine out I’ll actually let you know what all those Flicker pictures were about.

So Shepherd’s Harvest was a blast. The guys and I started out in the morning. We went right for the llama barn and then the sheep shearing. Little Man was enthralled and had a million questions for the shearer and even got to take a sample of the fleece with him.* A shepherd in training perhaps? Knittybaby just wanted to walk around and wasn’t that impressed with the sheep. The Skeptic? Well, he’s a good sport.

At the shearing we met up with my cousin who gifted me with two, two bags of alpaca fleece!!! She was given them by a breeder to use and report back on, so all I have to do is let her know what I think of them. She gave me a bag of suri and huacaya. You’d think after that I’d have all I needed already, right?

No, because I met up with my friend Jen, my queen fiber enabler. I can completely blame her for the closet full of yarn and fiber I have, because five years ago she kept coming into work going on and on about all this knitting she was doing, and running off to spinning class. (People, I thought she was going to the gym for three months; then I realized, wait…. knitting…. spinning…. oh spinning, like, with a wheel????) Anway, I wish I had pictures of her stuff because she’s awesome (locals: buy her yarn under Knittergirl at the Textile Center!) both as an amazing spinner, knitter and all around wonderful human being. Who else will chase sheep all day with me and not get bored?

We shopped for hours. The guys left to go to a birthday party and we girls just wandered around, going nuts for all the amazing stuff we saw. I seriously could have spent a thousand bucks but kept it at under $125 as I’m saving for another exciting fiber event in June.

Here’s the rundown:

Shepherd's Harvest

1. My first fleece!!! Blue Faced Leicester/Romny from… this is terrible, I have no idea!!! I felt the fleece, saw 4.5 pounds for $36 and paid cash. They were so nice too. But the receipt doesn’t have their name on it.

2. Huacuya from my cousin.

3. Felted squares from Misty Meadow Designs. She has some seriously cool felted stuff.

4. Suri from my cousin.

5. Shirts for me and Little Man.

6. Roving from another mystery vendor. (darn cash…there’s no trail to follow!)

7. Merino roving from Carpool. She was very friendly!

8. Wool fat quarters from River Rock Wool. These will be put with those felted squares for some sort of bag.

9. Silk hankie, mystery vendor.

10. Pink fluff from Spinner’s Web.

11. My only yarn purchase from Morning Sun Fiber Barn. Don’t you love the yellow??
12. Same yarn with the 5 ounces of mohair I bought.

13. A sweet face

14. Ready for a haircut
15. Little Shepherd

16. Cozy

Sorry I don’t have more links. My memory just did not serve me well and  either the places gave me generic recepits or else they are so small they have no web site. But man, what beautiful, beautiful stuff.

*Little Man put his sample in my back pocket. The next day I threw on the same pair of jeans and ran off to a party with Little Mr. Runny Nose, I mean Knittybaby. I reached into my pocket for a tissue and found fleece, of course! Doesn’t everyone walk around with fleece in their pocket??



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