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Knittymama loves the Skeptic

Nine years ago today, the Skeptic and I made our vows to one another in front of our dearest friends and family. I keep thinking to myself, “Nine years, dang, that’s a long time!” Even longer, it’s been thirteen years now that we’ve been together, since I was an uppity nineteen year old college girl and he was the shy boy in my piano class who never paid any attention to the professor.

The Skeptic is the guy who rode his bike through a Wisconsin snowstorm to bring me flowers on Valentine’s Day. (They all froze and the heads broke off but hey, you can’t beat the effort.) He always remembers flowers and finds me amazing earrings from little jewlery shops. He totally cracks me up, ever though most other people don’t get his sense of humor. He barely raises an eyebrow whenever I say “You know what I think we should do*?” and goes along with it even though I know he’d rather just relax with some coffee and NPR in the basement. He always listens, even when I yammer on endlessly. I don’t think I’ve ever told him this, but I think he is by far the most unselfish person I know; he has always put me and the boys ahead of anything else. He is the king of laundry. He can fix just about anything. He is an amazing father and is not afraid of diapers, spit-up, or being alone with the kids. The Skeptic is by far my best friend, and on days like these I seriously can’t believe I have been so blessed to have found him as my partner.

So to my Skeptic: Happy Anniversary! Italy next year, right?

*On our first anniversary, I told him, ” I have an idea! Let’s open up a special account and we’ll save tons of money and for our tenth anniversary we’ll go spend a month in Italy! Won’t that be cool?” He just gave me that same, “Sure babe, what ever you want” look and I happily yammered away about all the fun we would have. Because you see, the Skeptic was secretly thinking, “um…yeah. We’re gonna have a house a kids and jobs no money and I really don’t want to be dragged off to Italy anyway so please let her forget about this idea…” So we now we do have a house a kids and jobs and no money and I did forget all about Italy, until tonight. So now? Our twentieth anniversay. Seriously. All summer. I’ll open the savings account tomorrow. 😉



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