The Baby Heirloom Shawl


Yes, it was done on time for the baptism:

Yes, he is wearing a handknit sweater and booties, courtesy of our dear Gomme (my Grandma).
Yes, Knittybaby is also sucking on the ribbon. More on that issue later.

A close-up:
Another close-up:
The Baby Heirloom Silk Shawl, by Erika Knight in “Knitting for Two.”
Yarn: Rowan 4 Ply
Guage: I never checked. (It’s a blanket. Yes, I know I’m bad. I swatched, it looked good, on I went.)
Needles: Very slippery and too blunt Addis, size 8 for the body, 7 for the edging.
Started: February, 2006 (Olympic Knitting, Baby!)
Finished: Assembled and blocked September 22, 2006. Ribbon added September 23rd. Baptism September 24th!

Notes: I absolutely love this shawl!! It is by far the lovliest thing I have knitted, the most complex, the most delicate, and something I have learned a great deal from. It is not perfect. I joined up yarn in the middle of rows. Not a biggie when knitting stockinette, a biggie in lace because I can tell where it was woven in. I had trouble not losing stitches and had to fudge it in a few places. My yarnovers combined with the seed stitch pattern got a little goofy and also needed a little fudging. Despite the fudging, I did make myself frog back quite a few times in the body to fix it the best I could. My seaming, I have to say, turned out fabulous and was easier than I thought. Overall, I am very, very happy.

One note on the pattern. Despite it’s name, it is not the most practical shawl/blanket for a baby. The ribbon slides all over the place and Knittybaby likes to pull and suck on it. The ends of the ribbon are fraying already, but I’m afraid to put anything on it because he keeps sucking on the ends of the ribbon. Despite the fact that the ribbon makes it so pretty, I think if I were to make it again I would leave it out. Although, maybe not. It is really pretty!

We had a wonderful time with our family this past weekend. Everyone came in for Knittybaby’s baptism, and he was a pro during the church service. Little Man was quite the gentleman, stopping to shake people’s hands when he walked with our pastor down the asile to show of his little brother.

We did, however, have a very scary moment. About 15 minutes after the baptism, my Grandpa became ill during the service. Luckily, a doctor was there and able to help him out. He was taken to the hospital and ended up having to stay a couple of days. He’s home and doing much better, thankfully, but it was pretty frightening at the time. Plus, Pops loves a good party and I know he was sad to be stuck at the hospital when he really just wanted to be back at our place having a good time. We’re all just thankful that it was something treatable and he’s home safe and sound. If anything, it made the time we had with everyone more special, as events like this remind you how important that time really is.



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14 responses to “The Baby Heirloom Shawl

  1. Dharmafey

    Oh! It’s beautiful!! As is the babe…you’ve gotta love a cute baby in handknits (even from behind). Maybe you could use pinking shears on the end of the ribbon? I prefer to melt the edge with a lighter (if it’s manmade fiber), but I don’t know if I’d want my DS to be sucking on the plastic ash.


  2. Chris

    Whew! Done in time and STUNNING! Sorry to hear about the grandfather getting sick during the baptism, but I’m glad to hear it was treatable.

    Re: middle of the row joins in lace – have you ever tried a russian join? It works great and no ends to weave in. If you google there are some good directions for it.

  3. Chris

    Glad all ended up well in the end. Hope Grandpa is better. Love that baby!!!

  4. jaci

    The shawl/blanket is just beautiful!! Way to go on getting it done with everything else you had to do to prepare for the baptism. I’m glad your grandfather is doing better. How scary for all of you. The baby outfit looks great too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Anonymous

    WOW! The shawl is awesome!!! Way to go, Knittymama! Glad to hear that everything went smoothly and that your grandpa is doing better. Family is the best, aren’t they?

  6. Jeanne

    The shawl is BEAUTIFUL! Wow!

  7. Guinifer

    The shawl is lovely.

    Glad to hear your pops is better tho.

  8. Sheepish Annie

    That blanket is just beautiful!!! Nicely done. Sending good wishes for your grandfather’s speedy recovery.

  9. Diane

    Glad grandpa is feeling better. What a scare!

    The shawl is beautiful. I don’t have any suggestions on the ribbon other than just letting the baby chew on it and replace it once he loses interest in it.

  10. Jess

    Oh, it turned out so well! Good work! And what a cute baby, but how did he get old enough to sit up already?

    I’m glad your Grandpa is feeling better.

  11. Brandie

    The shawl is just gorgeous! Wow! Love it =)

    Glad to know grandpa is doing better now.

  12. irishmama

    It is absolutely gorgeous, glad you got it done in time. Hope Grandpa is doing good.

  13. Kate

    You’ve knit an heirloom! It’s really beautiful. Knit items shouldn’t be perfect. Someday he’ll have his own knittybaby and he can take this out and show his wife and tell her how his mother made this and their babies should be baptised with it. Way to go!

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