Can I take two of your knitting needles and weld them together?



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6 responses to “Mom?

  1. LOL! At least he asked…

  2. oh yes, well at least you were asked. I remember when a couple of mine disappeared to become purse handles. Although it was a fabulous purse…. but it did destroy a good set of dps.

  3. deb

    Queen Fun Be Gone!

  4. Guinifer

    I’m with Chris – at least he asked. Wouldn’t happen at any household I’ve ever lived in.

  5. My Youngest Child made a bow and arrow set this week out of chopsticks and rubber bands. He’s been very irritated because after he shoots one, the masking tape join between the two he’s using as the bow comes apart. After three or four tries, I’m all taped out.

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