My Six Year Old Critic

-Or- “Why I Don’t Have Pictures of My New Socks”

Knittymama: Hey, did you delete my sock pictures off the camera?

Little Man: Yeah. I needed space to make a movie.

KM: But I hadn’t put them on the computer yet. I needed them for my blog post tonight. You’re not supposed to use that camera, anyway.

LM: You can take more.

KM: But it’s dark out now, they won’t look as nice.

LM: Mom, they are dumb looking socks anyway.

KM: You think my socks look dumb? Why do they look dumb?

LM: I don’t know… they’re just dumb. The colors are dumb.

KM: Brown and turquoise are not dumb. And you’re not supposed to use that camera.

LM: We’ll those are dumb looking socks and you shouldn’t put them on your blog. And I want my own camera.

KM: Yeah, like I’m going to buy a camera for a kid who tells me my socks are dumb. And I’m not buying you a camera anyway.

LM: But mom, they ARE dumb.

KM: I think I just need to leave the room now.



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9 responses to “My Six Year Old Critic

  1. deb

    same kid who wanted to weld your knitting needles together??

  2. Susan B.

    Maybe if you jab him with your needles every time he makes a remark like that he’ll learn to shut up.
    Can you tell I don’t have kids?

  3. When my children get like this I start worrying about the teen years. Because, really? It’s going to get worse?

  4. And he’s just 6?! Oh, dear.

  5. Jess

    Gotta love six-year-olds. I’m sure your socks are lovely – I love that color combination!

  6. Yea – I think I’d want to see the movie…

  7. hmmm… I’m not sure if it’s more discouraging that he’s making a movie which I can’t seem to do with any accuracy, or that he’s calling your socks dumb.

    I think this is 6… I think it gets better… I think… I hope…

    Your socks aren’t dumb. 😀

  8. very nice socks. I love the simple pattern. It goes well with the twist of color in the yarn.

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