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My Six Year Old Critic

-Or- “Why I Don’t Have Pictures of My New Socks”

Knittymama: Hey, did you delete my sock pictures off the camera?

Little Man: Yeah. I needed space to make a movie.

KM: But I hadn’t put them on the computer yet. I needed them for my blog post tonight. You’re not supposed to use that camera, anyway.

LM: You can take more.

KM: But it’s dark out now, they won’t look as nice.

LM: Mom, they are dumb looking socks anyway.

KM: You think my socks look dumb? Why do they look dumb?

LM: I don’t know… they’re just dumb. The colors are dumb.

KM: Brown and turquoise are not dumb. And you’re not supposed to use that camera.

LM: We’ll those are dumb looking socks and you shouldn’t put them on your blog. And I want my own camera.

KM: Yeah, like I’m going to buy a camera for a kid who tells me my socks are dumb. And I’m not buying you a camera anyway.

LM: But mom, they ARE dumb.

KM: I think I just need to leave the room now.



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