Favorite Room Friday

So Funny Magic is spearheading the idea of Favorite Room Friday, and I had to make sure I posted on this one. I’m sure she’d love it if you played along too!

I had two decisions to make: which room, and do I clean it?

Which room was tough as I love both the sun room and my workroom. But I’ve shared my workroom with you before, and the sun room lately has been a much favorite spot for the whole family, so the sun room it is.

To clean it? Well, I decided to do all moms out there a service and show it in it’s reality as it is this morning. Complete with an untidy nature table, box of old books that need to be sorted, and general untidiness. The floor is dirty, the Valentine’s decoration still hanging, and it’s under the light of a gray Minnesota morning.

This was the room that sold me on this house. This was also the room that Spinner was born in. (Imagine a birth tub right there in the middle of the room, just when the sun is coming up. Pure birthing heaven!)


The boys have their corner….


And I have mine….

(That’s a blurry one, isn’t it?)

I can sit in this room with the boys while they work in my vintage recliner, the one my grandfather always sat in when he visited, with the sun shining and maybe a bit of knitting with a cup of tea. In the warm months, I can sit hear and see the boys playing outside while I listen to their chatter. I usually choose to just be one with mess that is, and save the cleaning for later.


So what’s your favorite room??

I can’t leave this post without also giving a huge thanks to Emicat! (I’m so behind this week!) She was my Knitters’ Coffeeswap IV partner and boy did she pull off a great package!!!


She was a perfect partner since we both love organic, local and fair trade! I got some amazing Seattle coffee from Cafe Ladro along with some phenomenal local chocolates! She sent me some sweet knitter socks and some felt sheep coasters that my coffee has been resting on all week. (At least when Knittykid hasn’t stolen them, he loves them too). There was also a hand knit coffee cozy in my one of my favorite colors these days! And of course, she read my mind and realized the Duet sock yarn was one of the yarns I keep looking at and coveting;, she sent some in a beautiful green colorway. (She knows the dyer, how lucky is that???)I wish I’d taken a close up, but I had to take my picture quickly before the boys came down and saw there was chocolate in the box.

Thank you so much Emicat!!! This was a totally awesome box and everything fits me to a T. You make me want to visit Seattle right now!



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7 responses to “Favorite Room Friday

  1. Wow, Emicat sure did treat you right!

    Lovely room. 🙂 Mine’s my living room, complete with new IKEAfication.

  2. Hmm, I like that Fave Room Friday idea – and I love that you took your photo the way it is 🙂 You can tell it’s a favorite room for all of you!

    My “corner” of the room is kinda spread out all over the living room right now, so I need to pick up! 🙂

    I had a great time with this swap! Thanks again for everything too! P.S. chocolate all gone 😦 hehehe Happy Friday!

  3. What a wonderful swap package! I’m sorry to have missed this round–just didn’t get my act together in time. Next time, I hope! 🙂

    Love this room! My favorite room in my house shares some of your favorite room’s features: hardwood floors, lots of windows, two tall dark-wood bookcases with glass-front doors. I like my living room because it has all of those features as well as comfy seating. It’s also our music room, with our piano, various stringed instruments, and lots of other little music-making things (recorders, kazoos, and mbira, anyone?) that are fun for kids to explore.

  4. That room would’ve sold me, too. I love the bookcases framing the windows. Glad you decided to just show it in all it’s much loved glory – that’s how our downstairs living area looks, too! Thanks for playing along today!

  5. Lovely coffee swap package! Your sun room is marvelous, and it’s nice to see a room that actually looks lived in.

  6. Gretchen

    You call that messy? That’s nothing!

    Our two favorite rooms seem to be the dining room- lots of light, built-in corner cabinets, and opens to the backyard, and the sunroom- but not when the ceiling’s leaking. I love old houses with nooks and crannies.

  7. Guinifer

    Love your twin bookshelves and the stunning blue wallpaper!

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