Three skeins

On spinning:

Phat Fiber spun up:

I divided it into reds/browns, pinks/blues, and the last was from one individual sample of roving. More details once it’s knit up!

On levels of insanity:
I signed up for this.

I’m blaming Annik for this and will call her at midnight as I’m struggling through it! Okay, I won’t  call her then as she has a new baby and that would be mean. But I’m totally blaming her. 🙂

On dentistry:

If your own dentist ever tells you you don’t need to take your kids in to see them until they are three, tell them they are BEHIND THE TIMES and get that kid in by the time they have teeth. Poor Knittykid went under general anesthesia yesterday for two root canals, four crowns and four cavities. All would have been avoided if my dentist, as well as the first dentist Knittykid visited, weren’t medieval. Needless to say, I’m mad.

The good news is that he’s a trooper and bounced right back to his usual self by dinner last night. That’s my boy!



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8 responses to “Three skeins

  1. Jess

    Oh gosh, I didn’t realize he needed that much dental work – ouch! Good to hear that he’s doing well after it, though. Where did you end up going for it?

    Love the yarn, very pretty!

  2. Two root canals? Seriously? I had no idea little kids could ever need those. Wow.

    So are you switching dentists now?

    Glad to hear he came through everything all right and in good spirits!

  3. I have an awesome pediatric dentist recommendation if you need it. Poor Knittykid… 😦

  4. Heck, if she has a new baby, she’ll be up anyway. 😉

    Yikes! Hope poor KnittyKid’s doing ok.

  5. Poor KnittyKid! That’s terrible.

    Love your skeins.

  6. Guinifer

    Poor guy! Sending good dental juju your way!

    I love that middle skein especially – it looks like a yummy piece of candy.

  7. Hooray for speedy recoveries! Do children that age actually have that many teeth? Amazing that he needed so much work. Have you had a chat with your ped about this, btw?

    Go ahead and call me at midnight because I’ll be up. GC didn’t go to sleep last night until 1:30 😦 Beside, I deserve late night calls – what have I gotten us into?????

  8. Forgot to mention that I *LOVE* the skein on the bottom.

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