When it’s clean,

Picture 011

and sunny,

my workroom is my favorite place…

Picture 012

It’ cozy, has a great view,

Picture 015

and places for my favorite little people to come inside and do their own projects.

Picture 018

Picture 017

Sometimes, they get their projects mixed up with mine.

Picture 006

But it all seems to work out in the end.

Miss Babs merino/silk

It took me a long time to get this place back into a somewhat manageable space. After Christmas it was such a mess I could barely stand to go in there. But spring is my favorite time of year to get things organized and put together, and as of today, it still looks pretty tidy and workable up there.

Weekends are always an interesting blend of the boys coming up and down all afternoon. The Skeptic has his shop in the basement and I’m on the second floor. I’d love for us to have work spaces together, but wood and electronics just don’t mix well with fiber and fabric.

The boys pop in and out all day. Sometimes the Skeptic takes them out for awhile so I can work in peace, sometimes I take them out for awhile so he can work in peace. In the end everyone gets some family time together and some Mommy or Daddy time alone. And it’s funny, as much as I love my quiet time, I also love hearing the car door slam, looking out the window and seeing the boys trot up to the back door with Dad.

I feel so lucky to have a space like this right now. On a gloomy, busy Tuesday it’s a nice thought to look forward too, especially now that I know there will be more days to open up the windows, sit in the sun and work.



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13 responses to “When it’s clean,

  1. What a lovely space! Hopefully today is sunny once more.

  2. That’s a great space! I love the wall color! It makes me think of spring.

  3. Lucky you to have a dedicated space for all things crafty. Does the room double as guest accommodations, or is it all yours?

  4. It’s always lovely to have a room of one’s own.

  5. Guinifer

    It is a lovely sunny room. It’s time to clean mine out too. It just keeps getting more and more full of stuff.

  6. That looks like a cheerful and cozy space!

  7. Megan

    I LOVE that green color. You have such a cute house!

  8. Deb

    I’ve been trying to create a craft-only space in my house, too. Unfortunatley, right now projects are strewn all over the house!

  9. Lovely space, and nice color on the walls. It looks so lovely and happy.

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