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It happened. We were allowed to sleep for an extra blissful 30 minutes.

Usually our Saturday and Sunday mornings are not as relaxing. We are hounded from the minute the sun is up, sometimes before.

“It’s morning!!! Get up!!! Why won’t you get up?!!!” Boys climbing over us, gleeful, jumping, bouncing, an elbow in the stomach, a foot in the face. “PLEASE!!!!! Get up!!!!”

Then the agreement to leave the big bed to “go play quietly.” But only to be interrupted with “Mom!”, “Stop it!”, “You broke it!” and Knittybaby wailing, the Skeptic and I arguing over who’s turn it is to go make peace, hoping that maybe we can get another ten minutes before we give in and get out of bed.

That is a usual weekend morning in our house.

But today! Today a small miracle happened. They woke up. They got up right away and played peacefully, quietly for 30 minutes. We dozed, listening to playful chatter, the building of train tracks, Little Man saying, “Sorry, are you okay? It was just a little bump…” Happy playing, actual teamwork. And then….they made us breakfast.

You’re worried about the breakfast, aren’t you? You’re seeing disaster here, right? But  even this went well. “A special surprise for you!” Cereal for all four of us, spoons at each place, not a drop of milk spilled. Although I think each bowl had about a cup and a half of milk in in, but hey…it was part of the charm.

Now we don’t expect this to start happening every weekend morning. I’m sure next weekend we’ll be back to the usual. But, the potential is there, I’ve seen the future, and it actually involves rest….



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