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Happy New Year!!

I had such a good post planned for today. Heaps of photos on the holidays and gift giving; a whole parade of handmade goods. After the sick-o-rama and then my holiday break, I was ready to jump headfirst back into blogging. Then, I dropped my camera.

My poor Sony landed with the lens hitting the floor, and now all it will do is make a sad, whirring/grinding noise as it tries to pull the lens back in, which it is grumpily refusing to do. So all those beautiful pictures I took for you? Stuck in the camera. So now what do I post about?

I guess I will start with the FO from my last post, the Webs Tam from Interweave Knits, Holiday 2007.

Webs Tam close up

The yarn I used was Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Ruby Red. Lovely to knit with and a nice sheen. My gauge was dead on.

I used size 3 Addi Lace circulars, 32 inch. I was able to use the magic loop technique for the whole project and I am in love. I never bothered to try it until Mama Grouch showed me at our knitting group and really, it is the easiest thing. I just needed someone to start and show me how it’s done. And I swore I’d never give up double points.

The pattern was a fairly simple one (except the spiders in the middle threw me a bit) and I really have no complaints. This project was for my mother and it’s perfect on her!

On to a new year of knitting. Last year I set a few goals. Some I did well with, some not so well. I did increase my time spent sewing and spinning, and I did finish my raglan and cast on for a lace shawl (only four inches but hey, I tried it). The blankets and scarf are on a break, a big break. The only one I had been in a panic about was Knittybaby’s heart blanket, and he’s been given another years reprieve from his cardiologist*, so that can be slowly worked on as it looks as I’ve got a few years to get it done.

I also started the Ten Project Challenge this past year, and I have to say I’m happy with it and sticking with it. LimeDragon has come up with a great version of this; check it out if you’re looking for some other stash management techniques.

So where does that leave me for this year?

1. Try to get back to my one night a week spinning idea. I sew enough now that I don’t think I need to stick with a specific night for that.

2. Speaking of sewing, I’ve got 13 (13!!) windows that need new curtains. Think I’d better get to it.

3. Knitting? I’m got plans for the first few months:

January: the month of small things.

February: Sweater for me and one boy

March: Sweater for another boy and the Skeptic

April: Finish up the Skeptic and hit the lace

I also want to keep plowing through my sock yarn stash. Socks will be a good place to end this post. Remember the issue with these socks?

There was debate as to whether the Skeptic, in all his glorious Skeptic-ness, deserved any socks at all. Well, he’s hooked. Since it’s been cold out, I’ve been getting comments like this:

“I wish my socks were clean to wear right now. My feet are cold.”

“Can I wear these two days in a row?” **

“Will you knit me another pair? Soon?”

“You know, these wool socks I got for Christmas are nice and warm but the fit just isn’t as good as yours is.”

He also showed them off to all his cycling friends on their last winter bike ride. Case closed, huh?

*He actually went in for his yearly check-up today. His doctor said that if he keeps doing this well he won’t need surgery for a very, very long time. If your new to the blog, he has what’s call a coarctation of the aorta Initially it was thought he’d need heart surgery by age one. So obviously we’re thrilled to get this good news today!!!!

**He does most of the laundry in the house, but he’s not allowed to wash anything hand knitted. He just doesn’t get fiber.



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