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Seriously… (a PG-13 post)

How do you get a 22 month old to stop saying dammit?

It was frighteningly cute at first, considering he actually used it appropriately. But now he uses it all the time. Whenever soemthing does not quite happen as he wants, he lets out this little, “dam-mit” under his breath. No screaming, no shouting,¬† he just says it to himself. He also says “you poopie” when he’s mad, but at least that’s something an almost-two-year-old normally says.

Our tactics of “that’s not a nice word” just result in a whole string of dammits, so we’re just trying the ignore it method. I’ll let you know how it works. I’m just praying he stops before our next visit to the in-laws.

Today seemed to be a day of cursing for me, which I’m not sure why. It was a lovely day. We made apple pie and pretended to be vikings. Little Man was very big-brotherly and sweet all day. But there were moments, both involving¬† food where food should not be.¬† I let an “aw shit” out, to which Little Man decided to echo me, shaking his head at Knittybaby. And then I let an f-bomb slide under my breath while cleaning up another mess, thinking I was alone. But you’re never alone as a mom, and my little cursing baby was right behind me, repeating me loud and clear.

Honestly, I’m not that foul mouthed of a person. This is a slightly embarrassing post to write. I have cleaned up my vocabulary quite a bit since my college years, but there seems to be something about a foody mess that brings out my worst words. I admire the moms who seem to be able to immediately change everything to “rats” and “crackers” as soon as their kids get to the repeating stage. Maybe if I start charging myself yarn for each slip up?



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