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Spinning Friday

Oh how I wish I had my camera. I’ve been busy spinning, like a bit of a madwoman actually, and I’ve got tons to show off. Parts have been ordered from Darn Toothy Sam* and we will soon see if the Skeptic will be able to add digital camera repair to his long list of “Stuff I Have Taught Myself How To Fix.” He’s a clever guy when it comes to anything with wires so I have high hopes.

On to spinning: I have spun this lovely merino


into some pretty, citrus colored yarn that is again, bulky weight. But a smoother bulky. I’m getting there.

And this pretty heathered roving


is now also a bulky weight yarn.

My consistency is getting better. Although the yarn is still a bulky weight, it isn’t super bulky and I don’t have so many think and thin places. And I have a plan.


I adore this pattern. It’s perfect for all the four ounce hunks of fiber I’ve got that all seem to be in the same color range. (Don’t worry, the citrus is not going with the purple. I’ve got other plans for that).  I’ll be making one with purples and greens, although I’m not sure I’ll go with the mobius. I might just do a similar style shawl. I like the look of the mobius but I’m always afraid it might be annoying to wear, always falling down, you know? We’ll see.

We will be at below zero temps this weekend. I will be wearing all my wool. At once. Knitters live for this, right?



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