Oh O-Mop, Part Two

The reply:

“We’re really sorry about this, and thank you for your candid an honest feedback.


The omop is our first attempt at a major cleaning tool, and unfortunately you have a defective mop. Fortunately we’ve sold thousands of them and only a small percentage of them have reported this defect. If you could, would you please send me pictures of the handle? We need to see how the mop broke in order to keep this from happening with future mops. Also, after we receive the pictures of the mop handle we will be happy to send out free product coupons to cover the cost of your new O-Mop.


In terms of the packaging, the plastic clamshell is made from #1 PETE which is the most recyclable plastic available. Apologies if the clamshell hadn’t been recycled in your area. There are times when a center will refuse to recycle an item because it seems like it can’t be recycled, even if it can. We are looking at alternative packaging for the omop, and we are looking to improve the look and feel of the entire experience.


If you like to speak to someone in person, please feel free to call”

I’m sending my pictures today! We’ll see what coupons I get.



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6 responses to “Oh O-Mop, Part Two

  1. Really? They’re not sending you a new one?

  2. Well, that seems promising, although the should just send you a new one…

  3. That letter seems encouraging. I hope you get enough coupons to make up for the hassle.

  4. This was actually not a bad response. But I’m really rather surprised that they are not offering to replace the mop. Perhaps they are working on Mop 2.0 and want to wait until it’s out of the development stage?

  5. Hopefully one of the coupons will be for a free mop. Decent response IMO.

  6. Secret Dishcloth Pal

    Sounds to me like the coupons will be for a new mop and other cleaning products to go along with it… “we will be happy to send out free product coupons to cover the cost of your new O-Mop.”
    You can’t ask for much better. Expecting photos is reasonable, albeit a little annoying.

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