We made it to the May Day Fesitval on Sunday. We missed the parade, which was sad as it is really one of my favorite events all summer. Take some time to check out the link; fabulous puppets and constumes. We did manage to get there to see the pagent and sing “You Are My Sunshine” with the crowd…I love that part and it always makes me tear up just a little (I’m sappy like that) but the best part came afterwards, when Little Man, Knittybaby and I were heading back to the car while the Skeptic finished up his work. (He always gets stuck doing audio for Mayday).

Anyway, the three of us were getting ready to hike up the big hill towards our car, but we decided to grab some ice cream first. As we sat there, a local Cuban band started up. They were fabulous and Little Man was really into it. He finished up his ice cream and found a pink, wilted flower on the ground. I was beat and trying to convince him to head up the hill with me. We got about 20 feet up when all of a sudden he puts the flower stem between his teeth and just started dancing this happy, gleeful little dance…the funniest most joyful dance I’ve ever seen. The kind of dance only a four year old can do. I neglected to have my camera, but it was one of those moments that I will always have captured in my heart. I gave in and we ran back down the hill into the crowd and I watched him dance his little heart out until we were finally tired enough to head home.

I finished the apron on time. Wiggly boys are not very good models.

kitten apron one



The finished shot:


Finally, for my Dishcloth Swap partner:

  1. When did you learn to knit? Who taught you? Wow, four years ago now! A friedn got my started then my Grandma made sure I really knew what I was doing.
  2. What was your very first completed object? A little garter stitch hat for Little Man. Your most recent? A hat and sweater set for my nephew.
  3. What was the very first thing you sent to the frog pond? A sock (pulled out and started over) Your most recent?  A sock! 🙂
  4. What is currently on the needles for you? Four pairs of socks, Swallowtail Shawl, a Noro Cotton/silk scarf.
  5. What types of needles do you enjoy working with? I’m pretty flexible. Pretty much depends on the typw of project. But usually bamboo or Addis. What have you tried and hated? The only ones I really hate are super sticky ones.
  6. Have you knit dishcloths before? Yup!
    1. What was your favorite one? Mason-Dixon
    2. Least favorite? None, really…
  7. Do you use homemade dishcloths or face cloths yourself, or give them as gifts, or both? Both!
  8. What are your favorite and least favorite scents? (For your body, such as soap/lotion/etc) I love lavender and citrus, but it’s got to be 100% natural, no artificial dyes or fragrances. I’m pretty sensitive:-)
  9. What are your favorite colors? Pinks, blues, browns. Lately I’m on a yellow and green kick.
  10. What colors (if any) are your bathroom and kitchen decorated in? Blue bathroom. The kitchen, pink!
  11. What other hobbies and crafts do you enjoy? Spinning, sewing, crochet.
  12. Chocolate: Dark? White? Milk? Ew? All of the above! (except ew:-)
  13. Do you like salty treats? What kinds? Cashews, almonds, any kind of nut really.
  14. If you could go anywhere in the world for one day and spend the day any way you wanted, where would you go and what would you do? Italy. Eat and knit
  15. Do you have any allergies? (Yarns, foods, etc. that might impact what your pal can send) nope!

Crying baby, not proofreading tonight! 🙂



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15 responses to “Joy

  1. Yay, May Day! And the apron looks fabulous!

  2. Secret Dishcloth Pal

    Thanks for posting your answers! 🙂 Now on to the spoilage…

  3. I love the mental picture of Litte Man dancing with the flower between his teeth! The apron turned out great.

  4. Very cute apron!

    Aren’t 4 year old boys the best. Have one of them at home. Of course he’ll only be 4 for another week… *sniff sniff*

  5. Well, that mind picture surely made me smile today. As you may know, my two little men, are not so little any longer, and the inhibitions of growing older has certainly settled on their shoulders.

    Love the apron on the wiggly boy.

  6. Love the apron! I cry when groups of people sing songs like that too. I’m terrible in church. 🙂

  7. Ah…yes! 4 is such a wonderfully uninhibated age. I can image the dance in my head. No photos needed. The apron is lovely.

  8. Got me a big ‘ol goofy grin thinking about Little Man dancing his heart out. Thanks for the smile today! I need to dance more, I think…

  9. ali

    Cute apron! Cute-apron-making is definitely on my to-do list!
    Lovely blog-
    happy knitting,

  10. knittymama's mama

    knittymama’s mama is pretty sappy too, so here I am tearing up at Little Man’s happy dance. He is a happy little guy, as is knittybaby – must be the good parenting. Apron is so cute, hope you’ll make yourself one now:)

  11. Secret Dishcloth Pal

    Your apron turned out cute!
    Hoping you had a great day today, as I did.
    I’m having lots of fun planning your treats!

  12. Come back on Sunday – that’s always my Mother’sDay present from my family! I am also working at the MN Knitter’s Guild table from 3-5 on Saturday! Enjoy your weekend.

  13. Iva

    I just love the pictures of your children….they are so sweet. I love the fabric you used on your apron…My mother still has one (and she wears it occassionally) that I made when I was in the 5th grade. I am 55 and she is 81….we are always our mother’s children aren’t we? They are always proud of us!

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