Oh, crap.


I love this dog. But Gracie, shall we say, has had some intestinal issues this past year that results in some unpleasant surprises in the morning. She is much too ladylike to do something like bark and whine when she needs emergency use of the facilities in the middle of the night. She knows we needs our sleep, so she politely poops on the carpet, or by the back door, or on our shoes. We’ve tried telling this sweet girl it is much more rude to poop in someone’s shoe than it is to wake them up, but she persists. Needless to say, yesterday there was another surprise for us, which meant another trip to the vet for complete bloodwork this time. Possible diagnosis may be irritable bowel syndrome. Hopefully we can figure it out soon, because she feels bad, we’re sick of the messes, and my mom wants her carpet shampooer back one of these days.

The Knitters Coffee Swap is going to be a blast. These knitters are serious about their coffee, and I’m looking forward to seeing what these swappers put together. Haven’t signed up yet? There are still spots left, to get your coffee-lovin’-self over here and send me your info.

Socktoberfest? Remember how I said I’d finish up two pairs of socks and you all politely said to me that maybe it was a bit much (and at home said to yourself “That chick is nuts if she thinks she’ll knit two and a half socks in a month with two little boys.”) Okay, the idea was nuts, but, it looks like one pair might be finished by the 31st. Six more rows and I’m ready for the heel. Thank you boys for sleeping this month!

Now if I only had a nice Oktoberfest brew (beer this time, not coffee) to go with it I’d be a happy girl. Maybe the Skeptic will bring some home. Have a great weekend!



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10 responses to “Oh, crap.

  1. Alison

    Sorry about your pup’s problems. I can sympathize as a few months ago our girl had to have her anal glands removed because of “issues”. She’s luckily back to normal now. Hope everything turns out okay with Gracie. She looks like such a sweetie.

  2. kmkat

    Our senior dog, Bear, had always been an outdoor dog when we first got her at the age of one year, so we had the task of house-training her. I will never forget the time I called her to the front door to take her for her walk. She came, saw that I had the leash, dashed to the sun room, and quickly peed on the carpet. She then ran back to meet me at the front door as if to say, There, now I can go outside and have fun.

    She did eventually get the right idea and hasn’t had an *accident* for years. Wish I could say the same about the junior dog, Lucy.

    Good luck with Gracie. She looks like one sweet dog.

  3. Sheepish Annie

    Oh, poor pup! Hopefully the vet can help. Dogs just hate to disappoint their people…

    Nice sox!

  4. Guinifer

    Oh you sweet thing, dog doo on top of sleepy baby issues. Surprised you have any time to knit! I’d sure send you a brew, that is, if they delivered around here.

  5. Connie

    We have a rescued Bernese Mountain Dog who weighs well over 100# (his is our 3rd) – when we first got him I had the brilliant idea to give him a “Greenie” for his teeth…NEVER AGAIN!!! This thing was eaten in its entirety in a few seconds, and basically screwed up his intestinal tract for about a year!! The chicken based EN dogfood from the vet made it worse – this is usually what they give them first when there is a problem. I was cooking hamburger and rice for him which helped but was a pain to keep up with. He now ONLY eats the beef EN dry from the vet – nothing else or we have issues. Good luck with your dog – it always seems that the messes happen when you need to get out the door in the morning – and so hard with a little guy too. It will get better!!

  6. Chris

    Oh, poor Gracie… I can relate. Chaos seems to have inflammatory bowel disease – hopefully it will be controlled by strict diet and rare steroid shots…

    Gorgeous sock! I’m hoping I actually finish a pair by the 31st, too. We shall see!

  7. irishmama

    Sorry about yor dog, hope she’s feeling better.

  8. mrspao

    Poor sweetie. She sounds like she is having a hard time – I hope that it gets sorted out for all your sakes.

  9. Kelly

    Poor puppy! I guess it may be time for a shampooer of your own. Exactly what you have always wanted, right?

  10. Janet

    Just an idea. We have a blind dog and she lives in the kitchen, with a baby gate. It keeps her safe, and even though she never has accidents, she’s getting pretty old and the time will come. At least it will be on the linoleum. You might want to try it at night.

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