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The Skeptic

He picked it himself. I had actually thought of a different nickname. When I told him I had one picked out he said, “Is it the Skeptic?” When he said it I realized that is actually the perfect name for him, much better than the lame one I had though of. Why, you ask?

Main Entry: skep┬Ěti┬Ěcism
Pronunciation: 'skep-t&-"si-z&m
Function: noun
1 : an attitude of doubt or a disposition to incredulity either in general or toward a particular object

As in:

“Isn’t the wind going to blow right through that hat?”

“Isn’t that going to be itchy?”

“Those socks look like they’ll fall down.”

“Looks like it’s going to curl in to me.”

“Do you really need to buy more needles?”

“Are you really going to use that thing?” (spinning wheel)

Not to make him look unsupportive of my knitting. This is a man who says very little about my closetfull of yarn, and despite his comments, wears his handknits daily and occasionally requests more. But, he is a German-Lutheran from a small farm in Central Wisonsin, which makes him genetically incapable of making his initial comment a positive one, regarding anything, not just knitting*. His mind automatically focuses on the one thing that just might be a problem. Now all the above comments are usually followed by something like “…but I really love the colors and I know you worked really hard, and I’m sure those socks will fit just fine.” But, he is a glass half empty kind of guy, although in a very endearing way, which is one of the reasons I am absolutely crazy about him. He balances out my overly optimistic nature, because yes, sometimes the socks do fall down (but only the first pair!) When his is old, he will be one loveable curmudgeon.

The Skeptic is the reason I was able to finish the treasure hunt this past weekend. He took Little Man to help him fix the lawnmower so Knittybaby and I could hit the last two stores, Zandy’s and Needlework Unlimited. I bought a felted mitten pattern and some other goodies for my secret pal and called it quits. I also picked up my Amazing Threads door prize Monday night: a skein of Soysilk, a candle, a couple patterns and a small woolwash sample called Soak. I’m not sure if they have picked the $3,000 winner yet. There is no way I’ll win as I was amazed I even won a door prize; I’m usually not the winning type when it comes to contests. But I had a good time, got to run into quite a few knitting friends, and found some new yarn shops. A good weekend!

*For further insights into this phenomenom, take a listen to Lake Wobegon. Small town Minnesota is strikingly similar to small town Wisconsin (at least north of Madison, anyway).



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