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Coffee Swap info

So here’s the link to the new Coffee Swap blog!


(It isn’t the loveliest button, I know, but dang, if Photoshop is not just the tiniest bit confusing!)

I picked up Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitters Almanac at the library today so I can get going on Zimmermania. I’m going to make hats (Gnomy) for the boys out of the Panache I got from Cecily. Not only was she a brilliant knitter, but I forgot how entertaining she is just to read. I wish I had time ti knit more from the book, but I’m sticking with hats and mittens for now.

The funny thing was, when I got the book home and opened it up, a size 4 Crystal Palace needle rolled out! (Anybody lose one?)

As I noticed the first traces of snow this morning, I began to get into that winter knitters panic, especially serious here in Minnesota. You know, when you realize all the winter wear you need but don’t have time to knit?

Hat for Knittybaby
Hat for Little Man (because apparently he has reached the self conscious stage and will not wear his “wiggly hat” because he thinks kids will laugh at him. His other hat he lost, the other one is for sub zero days only)
Multiple mittens for Little Man along with wristers
Wristers for the Skeptic
Hat for the Skeptic (as one is “too itchy” and the other not tough enough for Minnesota winters)
Mittens for me

The question is, how many of you would actually knit all this because you know you can, and it will be way better than anything you can buy, and who just says the heck with it and orders from LL Bean?



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