Daily Archives: June 9, 2006

My Bloglines won’t stop….

Some of you might remember that my BIL gave us a slick recycled IBM Thinkpad last Thanksgiving. This means our computer is now easily accessible downstairs, and much faster than my crabby, early edition iMac. I’ve been keeping it next to the rocker, so I can either listen to Podcasts or catch up on Blogs/e-mails while Knittybaby nurses (and nurses, and nurses, boy he’s been a hungry guy lately!:-) The problem? I can’t stop adding new blogs to read and I’m wondering if I’m getting to the point of TOO MANY BLOGS. Yet I keep running across blogs of so many great knitters: creative, amazing knitters, funny knitters, mom knitters, dyeing knitters, designing knitters, teaching knitters, local knitters….I could go on. Plus there are the podcasts. I’m on information overload, and I actually have the time to read listen to them all.

I love Bloglines for the fact that I don’t waste time popping into blogs that are fun but not always updated that frequently. However, it’s also so easy to subscribe to them. I had 102 new posts today!!! (Granted, I didn’t read any yesterday and that counts the podcasts. Have you noticed all the knitting podcasts? That alone is overwhelming!)

How many blogs do you read on a regular basis?Am I over the edge, or barely started?

I’ve been trying to post my actual bloglines for you all, but I keep getting this weird message. I’ll keep trying…


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