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Camera’s out of reach…

and Knittybaby is nursing away, so here’s a meme for your blog entertainment (and mine):

Seven Things to do before I Die:
1. Be fluent in another language
2. Spend a year living in another country
3. Make sure hubby has his chance to get his pilot’s license
4. Go beyond just being able to spin a little yarn, and actually learn the whole process, shearing, preparing the fleece, etc.,
5. Own my own fiber animals
6. Remodel my kitchen
7. Help my boys grow into happy, healthy adults

Seven Things I Cannot Do:
1. Understand the mechanics of a car
2. Eat meat
3. Become a good guitar player
4. Get clean laundry put away
5. Sit still and do nothing (hence the knitting)
6. Keep any sort of schedule
7. Learn German (I tried)

Seven Things That Attracted Me to My Husband:
1. He sang a Bob Dylan song out of tune
2. He’s shy
3. He’s a sensitive guy
4. He’s a dreamer
5. He cracks me up
6. He gets me completely
7. He loves me for being me

Seven Books That I Love:
1. “Posession” by AS Byatt
2. “Operating Instructions” by Anne Lamott
3. “The Kitchen God’s Wife” by Amy Tan
4. “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith
5. “Vegetarian Cooking for Everone” by Deborah Madison
6. “Heaven’s Coast” by Mark Doty
7. “Original Sin” by PD James

Seven Things That I Say on Any Given Day:
1. Please use your words.
2. This house is a disaster!
3. Can you help me pick up your toys?
4. I think you need some quiet time.
5. Has anyone seen a spit up rag?
6. No, it is not TV time.
7. Can you get home from work early tonight?

Seven Movies I’ve Loved:
1. Love Actually
2.When Harry Met Sally
3. Pretty in Pink
4. Garden State
5. The Forsythe Saga
6. Pride and Predujice, BBC version
7. A Room with a View



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