Daily Archives: June 7, 2006

I’m still groggy this morning. Knittybaby was up a…

I’m still groggy this morning. Knittybaby was up at 5:30, which I actually don’t mind, except for mornings like these when I stumble downstairs to discover, NO COFFEE! The horror…I had to drink tea and wait for Hubby to bike over to Anodyne to get some beans for us.

No new knitting pictures here. I’m a little headband obsessed right now, so I’ll post a few more of those when they are done.

I have decided to get going on a few bibs for Knittybaby (aka Spit-Up-Boy). I’d been planning on it, but seeing poor Chaos this morning was extra inspiring. Should I make one for Arthur too?
Yes, that is a hat he is sleeping in. And not a knitted one at that. I really should make the poor guy a real bed one of these days…



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