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No stinkin’ batteries

Okay, so you don’t get to see the tam tonight. My bettery supply for the camera is out. I love having a digital camera but I have to say I can’t believe how this thing sucks that batteries down. We’ve got to get some rechargables.

Not that much happened with the tam. I washed and blocked it and now it is pretty much the same size as before. I hate to do it, but I actually think I am going to rip out a FO, which is really depressing for a couple of reasons. I’ve been trying to find time to knit myself a hat this winter and I never seem to get to it. I finally get one done and it doesn’t fit. I’d dive right back into it, but two things are in the way: dishcloths and the olympics.

The dishcloths are for my brother, who through ups and downs in the real estate world, has finally bought his first house. We are very excited about this as he’ll be living just five minutes from us rather than twenty-five, so we all get to see much more of each other. But he closes already next week, which means a housewarming gift is in order. As much as I hate kniting them (let’s face it, dishcloths are not exciting) the boy needs some dishcloths. We had Christmas at his house this year, and my mom actually called me and said, “Can you bring a dishcloth with you when you come over?” This cracks me up, and puts me into big sister mode. So part of his housewarming gift has to be dishcloths. Right now everything has stopped so I can knit them up, because I only have until Friday before before they need to be done.

Why Friday? The opening ceremony of the olympics starts, which means I am off and running on the Heirloom Silk Baby Shawl. I’ve getting worried that I’ve bit off more than I can chew with this one but I guess only time will tell.


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