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What better way to spend President’s Day….

Than cleaning up the stash with Little Man? I knew that knitting on my Olympics project was not an option, as any knitting done around him can’t be that involved or risk tampering with. My yarn closet has really been bothering me lately so I thought we’d go far it. Sorry for the crooked picture. For some reason my program wasn’t cooperating and wouldn’t turn “before” around, so just turn your head and you’ll get a great view of what we were dealing with. An impressive mess, huh?

Little Man was surprisingly into it. He took the job of emptying all yarn out onto the couch very seriously and did most of it himself (God love him, the kid loves to clean). We managed to get 2/3rd’s emptied before he started to lose interest. That was when I had near disaster, because he decided that the yarn on the couch would make a great bed, and this is what I ended up with while I was busy rearranging my shelves. See the beginnings of the tangles? That is where he was trying to wrap himself up in all the yarn, but honestly, can you blame him?

Here is the after. All organized by fiber and weight, heavier wools on the left, cottons, novelty, fingering weight and sock yarns on the right. I managed to put all my spinning fiber behind the shelves. I have to say, I’m really pleased about how it turned out. Little Man held out nearly to the end and I only needed to bring out one hour of PBS kids at the end of the afternoon so I could finish. I swear, the only thing that would grab his attention away from his “yarn bed” was an episode of “Arthur.” I tried…

After a great day, I had my first big Olympic wipe out, something akin to the ice dancers the other night (of which I blame them completely. I can’t count and watch all that drama!) After knitting for two hours last night I held up the shawl and a good two inches down I saw a hole. Somehow I had knit together two extra stitches and an extra yarnover. I have to say, I have never had to take something out this complicated. Usually I have no problem frogging something if I can just rip it out, but I know if I do that I’ll never get it back on the needles, so tonight will be dedicated to tinking, which I’ll probably mess up too as I’ll be watching skating and that is when I seem to make mistakes. But like all the athletes say, it’s not over until you cross the finish line!


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