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Too small Tam

I’m getting into a knitting funk. I’m glad the Olympics are starting soon, maybe that will get me moving!!

On a whim this weekend, I knit up a Tam. I started it Friday, took it to our playgroup’s monthly knitting gathering, and then ripped it out as the yarnovers were all crooked. But I started again that night, whipped through it and finished it off last night. Only two misplaced yarnovers this time, but too far back that I decided not to worry about it. I figured they weren’t that noticeable so I just finished up.

Of course, when I tried it on, it fit more like a stocking cap rather than a tam. Which might have been all right, except Matt looked at me and said, “Do you know it has a bunch of holes in it?” So much for my strategically placed yarnovers in nice neat lines (minus two, of course.) I pointed this out to him but he just gave me a look that meant he still wasn’t quite sure about the hat, but I don’t know if I can stand ripping it out. I have never ripped anything out completely, maybe it is time. But first, I’ll try blocking and stretching a bit to see if loosening it up helps. I’ll post a photo tomorrow (I can’t seem to find it on my hard drive right now) and we’ll see if it stays or goes.


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