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Missing the Obvious

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So this one goes right up there with my Anouk in the “idiotic knitting mistakes” category. But this time I can’t even blame a long car ride and misread instructions; it’s one of those moments when you feel just plain dumb.

I started this scarf in Noro Silk Garden last Thanksgiving for an easy “knit and socialize” project. It was great until I realized that I had not nearly enough yarn to finish it. So I tossed it in the closet and just decided to keep my eye out for a skein. But one wasn’t turning up, and I had forgotten about it unitl a couple of weeks ago when I came across the same colorway. The blues were a little different, but the whole thing was close enough that I grabbed it, threw it in with the scarf and made it my lunchtime project. Perfect, right?

I have been knitting this scarf every day now at lunch, 7 or 8 rows a day, for the last two weeks. Today, however, I had an appointment and ended up with a lot of waiting room time. So I pull out my scarf, happy to have some time to relax. I knit about ten rows before I start to think things like: “Why is this yarn so rough?” and “The stitch definition is just not the same as the beginning” and so on until it actually dawns on me…

This is not Silk Garden. It’s Kuyeron.

I actually went straight from silk/mohair/wool to 100% wool and didn’t notice for about 8 inches. The colorway is close, but the texture is not nearly the same, so how is it even possible to knit that much and not have a clue?? I could chalk it up the to cruel 25 minute lunch breaks we teachers have to try to eat, pee and maybe relax a litle bit, but I still knit quite a bit this afternoon before it dawned on me. So I’ll blame this one on “post holiday/end of the semester/working mama stress” and leave it at that.

Now the question is, me being a very type B knitter, do I keep looking for the Silk Garden and rip it back, or do I finish it off and call it my “Noro Sampler Scarf?”


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