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No finished object today

I was really hoping to be able to show off my finished “Babies and Bears” Sweater today, but I still have exactly four more rows of finishing around the bottom and buttonholes before it’s done, so I’m going to try to finish that up tonight and show it off tomorrow.

I’ve really enjoyed knitting this sweater, but not happy with the sizing. Supposedly, with a guage of 4st/inch, it should fit a three year old. Well, the Little Man is nowhere near the size of the sweater; it comes up to his elbows!!! I used Handpainted Yarn in Fire Engine Red on size 8 needles. The yarn could easily be knit on size 9s (whihc is what the pattern recommended for this size). I might try another one to see what happens. In the mean time, it will go in the closet until #2 comes along and grows into it. That’s the nice thing about knitting for kids; someone will grow into it eventually!!!

The Color By Color Scarf sits quietly in my basket. I needed a break before I get to all those i-cords. I did half of one and decided that was enough for now. I’m tempted to just crochet them, but the stubborn part of me is refusing to give in to that. I don’t really have a problem with crochet. My thing is altering the pattern. I’m fine with changing a pattern around to make an improvement, but just out of sheer laziness? Hmmmmmm…..


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