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First handspun

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Finally, I’ve got something to show for my early tries with the spinning wheel. These are actually two separate batches. The two skeins on the right I made at Woolstock (hosted by Susan’s Fiber Shop) last summer. I took a beginning spinning class (of which I was the only person!) and after about 3 hours of spinning walked away with some pretty decent yarn for a first try.

The two on the left are from my own wheel that I picked up in August. The wool is punta top. The one on the far left is double-ply, and the next one in is a single. This yarn is not very well balanced and quite curly, but for my first try on my own I’m happy with it.

The big question is what to do with it? I’m going to knit up a big swatch with it to see what it turns out like, but where to go from there I have no idea, other than to just hang it in my yarn closet to look at. Crooked potholders anyone?


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