It just doesn’t end……

I started Clapotis about a month ago now. I chose the Butone yarn in Fiesta from Handpainted and it is knitting up to be just lovely. The problem? I had put it off because it seemed like a bunch of work with all the markers. But once I jumped in an did it, it was actually pretty easy. So easy, in fact that I naively thought, “I’ll be done with this in no time!” Ha! It just keeps going, going, going.

The worst is I haven’t really been working on much else than this scarf. My poor weekend sweater is just sitting there, waiting to be sewn together. Little Man’s cute new vest…sitting there. My socks…sitting there. Don’t even ask about the Color By Color scarf or my Barbara Walker afghan. They are at the bottom of the closet. My question is, how on earth do all those Clapotis knitters have time to get so many done? Some people on that knit along have done two, three, four of them!

This weekend, Clapotis, your finished, got it ?! !!


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