Slow night, yet not so slow

Once a month, I have a group at church that gets together to knit. Usually, this is a nice, relaxing night for me that I look forward to. Last night was different. DH had to work late, so the Little Man came with me to knitting, which really meant, no knitting for me. He is a very, and I mean VERY busy two year old who was also in a tired mood last night, and then the poor litle guy gets dragged to a knitting group by me. I should have known that it would be a miracle if I managed to knit even 2 rows with him with me (which I did) but the rest of the evening was spent following him around the hallways, reminding him that the trash can is not a toy, and trying to convince him that it is just not nice to throw our sippy cups at our fellow knitters. Amongst all that, I consider 2 rows on a prayer shawl quite an accomplishment, don’t you?

After bedtime, I tried so hard to stay up so I could drop the next stitch on my Clapotis. Didn’t make it; four rows and I was falling asleep. So I’m betting myself, can I finish it this weekend? We’ll see!


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