The new and the old

My goal this next week is to figure out how to add a sidebar of my actually projects, so I can keep actual notes (go figure) of my projects. I have started too many to count since I last was online, but I also finished some things!

Most exciting, I finally sewed up Zeeby’s Bag from SnB, and I felted it. I also finished up my Weekend Warrior form Yarn Girls in the Point 5 I scored at %40.(with the exception of sewing it up) Of course, the deal was that to buy it I was not going to buy any yarn for 2 months! That lasted unitl last weekend when I got birthday money, but hey, free money doesn’t count, right?

I also started a Clapotis in Fiesta Boutone from, my new favorite place to get yarn. I LOVE them, but this darn scarf is taking FOREVER.

Also started a second pair of socks in Zinnia Sock Garden form Knitpicks, so far I’m really liking the way it knits up.

Finally, I started the vest in the Debbie Bliss Baby knits book for the little man. Can’t remember the name of the cotton (Luz?) but I’m doing it in light and dark green, gold and blue stripes. Very cute.

My pics will be back this weekend. I will be relieved to finally post them. A knitting blog is jsut lame w/ no pics.
If anyone reads this and knows how to put up that sidebar, let me know! 🙂


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