I didn’t mean to.

I was being monogamous, really. Diminishing Ribs was flying along, even after that cast off mess, the ribbing mess…. I was sticking with it. And I’ll I’ve needed to do is cast on the second sleeve, whip that puppy out and I’ve got myself a new cardigan.

And then I got a new coat. The cutest coat ever. A coat that was begging for new accessories. And then I happened upon Ysolda’s patterns. It was all downhill from there. Damson has been cast on.


Diminishing Ribs is now waiting patiently in the basket.



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6 responses to “I didn’t mean to.

  1. I LOVE that yarn… and a new coat ALWAYS deserves new things to go with it. Accessories make everything cuter!

  2. That yarn is GORGEOUS.

  3. Guinifer

    Ooo – I linked and the coat is adorable. Your accessories look every bit as cute!

  4. Beautiful Damson! Boden has the cutest things, don’t they? I ordered a coat a couple years ago and was bummed at how thin it was and had to return it. Damn practicality… prioritizing warmth and comfort over cuteness.

  5. If only we had more arms… or at least more hours in each day… we could knit EVERYTHING! LOL! *sigh* if only…
    Of course, then my arms would probably get sore and tired and I wouldn’t hold my babies as much, so I guess it’s better the way it is, but that moment of dreaming was fun…
    Happy knitting-

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