Every boy in Minnesota…

…needs one of these:

It’s a balaclava, officially the Gusseted Helmet Pattern by Ellen M. Silva. The only mod I made was to knit the head one inch shorter before the decreases. If knitting it again I’d make the neck an inch or so shorter; you can see it’s curling up on him.

I finished this in early October when we were having a bit of  a fall heat wave. He loved so much he wore it to school, even though it was 75F by the afternoon. It’s in his favorite colors, John Deere colors of course. Not only is it very practical for these harsh winters, but it doubles as spy gear, which is extremely important when you are seven. He would not let me get a full on view on the whole project (“I am a spy, mom”) but he did want to show off his second favorite thing, which is the fact that he’s flying through these Harry Potter novels faster than I devoured Little House when I was the same age.  He’s actually on book seven now, and I’m trying to catch up to him with book six (my plans after this post). All I know, is I’m just dying about those brown eyes looking out at me…..

Now if only it would snow. We’re so ready.



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8 responses to “Every boy in Minnesota…

  1. Very cool! Spyware is a must! Hope you get your snow soon!

  2. Cool helmet, thanks for the link. I’d be happy to send you an inch of our snow from this storm–we even had a no-school snow day today!

  3. Guinifer

    I was going to say the same thing about those brown eyes…and then I got to the end of your post. Wow, he has a knockout gaze.

    If you ever need book ideas…I have a 14 year old and an 18 year old that have always been voracious readers. (For many years I tried to keep up with the 18 year old so that we could discuss the content of what he was reading…I gave up when he was around 10, although I have read most of what is on his bookshelf by now.)

    It’s really hard when your second grader can read at the level of an eleventh grader. He was not really too interested in what most of his compatriots were reading, but I was concerned that some reading material would be too mature for him. Luckily, I enjoyed most of what he read.

  4. Brilliant!
    I have three boys that need that…and we live in Montucky!
    The practicality and necessity of spyware overrides any useful need for warm head gear.hehe.
    Happy reading!

  5. Julie

    Nice to see you at church 2 weeks ago…And I might have to knit S one of those hats, now that I’ve finished off his Harry Potter scarf for Halloween…And I hear you about the reading thing 🙂

  6. Love the colors! We played Quidditch today but so far Youngest Child has not read the HP books on his own yet . . .

  7. Love it! Thanks for remiinding me of that fun little project that our adventurous children would love!

  8. I bet he’s wearing his Balaclava in full force today! I’ve got to make one of these for my son this winter, who’s also a big-time Harry Potter fan – he’s 11 and has read the whole series three times. (!)

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