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Assignment #2

This week’s assignment from C &C Photography:

#1 Take one image, as the “eye sees it”-straight ahead/straight on #2 Stand on a chair and get a birds eye view- one image.

#3 One close up or a different angle all together.

#4 Shoot off center using negative space and see how that plays in with the overall composition.

#5 E xtra “Un focus”- that’s right, make sure you DO NOT have the still in focus….it can create painterly impressionistic feel (also this is harder to do than you might think, the eye is trained to see everything in focus)

I love the photography of Franklin Habit and Jared Flood. But yarn and fiber is tough to photograph. The texture, colors, lighting….I really struggle with it. So I chose some silk fiber this week to play with in hopes I’ll get some helpful suggestions.

Sadly, some of my files wouldn’t transfer from my camera to computer. There were a couple shots I liked more. But a couple of these I’m pretty pleased with.







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