Daily Archives: April 8, 2010

Not So Little….

Yesterday, Little Man* turned seven. Seven.


It’s amazing to me to even think about that fact that my little guy is seven years old. Happily, he still needs to crawl into my lap at least once a day for some cuddles, and he still asks me for “mama time” when he needs it. But this little boy is growing up. I can start to see the picture of who he might be emerging. As hard as it is to let he baby in him go, it’s so exciting to watch him grow and emerge into this person.

So happy birthday to my little man, my boy. You bring curiosity into our lives. Questions. Ideas. You are full of excitement and energy. You are passionate and full of life. Every day you make us think, and think hard about something or other. You remind us to be sensitive, to be caring, to love. To take the time that little boys need to grow, learn and feel loved. You are patient with us, because you’re our first born and we’re learning right along with you. Happy Birthday!!!

*We’ve decided it’s time for a new nickname, since he’s such a boy now! HIs faves? Cannonball, Math Boy and Mad Scientist. We’ll see what he narrows it down to…


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