Assignment #2

This week’s assignment from C &C Photography:

#1 Take one image, as the “eye sees it”-straight ahead/straight on #2 Stand on a chair and get a birds eye view- one image.

#3 One close up or a different angle all together.

#4 Shoot off center using negative space and see how that plays in with the overall composition.

#5 E xtra “Un focus”- that’s right, make sure you DO NOT have the still in focus….it can create painterly impressionistic feel (also this is harder to do than you might think, the eye is trained to see everything in focus)

I love the photography of Franklin Habit and Jared Flood. But yarn and fiber is tough to photograph. The texture, colors, lighting….I really struggle with it. So I chose some silk fiber this week to play with in hopes I’ll get some helpful suggestions.

Sadly, some of my files wouldn’t transfer from my camera to computer. There were a couple shots I liked more. But a couple of these I’m pretty pleased with.








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18 responses to “Assignment #2

  1. What gorgeous silk! Those colors are just so yummy! I love the idea of photographing the wool. Nice job.

  2. Wow, what a different thing to photograph (at least from my world). That silk fiber is so pretty, you can see the shininess of the strands in your photos. Very lovely.

  3. Linda

    Beautiful, I share your fibre love!

  4. jane

    I love how you chose fiber to photograph. My fave is the unfocused one. Happy Spring!

  5. simplyussix

    I like the first one and the birds eye view. What pretty fiber.

  6. What a beautiful silk roving!! The window light is wonderful on it! You did a great job!

  7. i think this beautiful fiber could be the toast of NY fashion week if worn as an accessory! the third photo with the light in the window is particularly lovely.

  8. That is truly lovely…beautiful fiber and color. Very nice how you have used the light.#2 is my fave.
    Great job!
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  9. Lovely – no 3 is my favourite.

  10. Beautiful silk fiber and light!!!

  11. oh, i agree with jared flood. his work is beautiful!

    i think yours turned out lovely. you captured the light so beautifully in the third photo and i love the fourth photo!

  12. Lovely colour, and the texture of the background, the little flowers in the fabric… I love the sunlight streaming over your silk!

  13. It looks like hair in some of those pictures…

  14. I agree that photographing fibre and yarn can be very difficult – especially if you’re after “true” colour. I love the third photo with the light coming in from the window capturing the shine of the silk. I think you’re on the right track – white background and good lighting plus lots and lots of practise!

  15. Lovely colors and shine on the silk. I like the second photo best. I don’t have any helpful suggestions because I don’t have a clue, but maybe it will help to look at photos on the internet with yarn and fiber and see how the light and texture are captured on them. I’m reading the book Understanding Exposure and I hope that this will help me.

  16. Wow! I can’t wait to see what it turns into. Really nice light.

  17. great light on this. : )

  18. My favourite photo is nr. 2

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