You would think….

…that I would be sure to have extra batteries in my camera case by now, given how my camera seems to die without warning in about ten seconds. But I didn’t, so no pics of my state fair goodies in the glass case.  But it was still very cool to get to see them on display and I was happy to have met my goal of entering something in the knitting and spinning categories. Although technically my longies were included in the “baby garments” category, which includes all things baby whether knit, crocheted, sewn….no ribbons for me but that was expected. There is a lot of heavy competition! I will also say that I think I had the only baby item that was not pink, yellow or blue. Too funny 🙂

Thanks again for all your kind words. (How many times have I written that on this blog this year? sheesh…what a year! 🙂 Seriously though, it always helps to read nice, helpful words form a bunch of smart knitters.

Being back at school with a schedule is definitely a good thing. Little Man had a awesome first day of first grade, and he was so tired he asked to go to bed at 6:30 and was asleep by 6:45. So was Knittykid. Which left the Skeptic and I with no one but Spinner to entertain and since he learned to walk this week, he’s happy if he can just toddle around the house. I made a carrot cake and two loaves of carrot bread, digging into the 15 pounds of carrots from our CSA that seemed to have built up the last few weeks. I drank tea. Nice.

Lastly, if you love Heather Ross you’ll want to go here to win some fabric. Which reminds me, we have a birthday coming up around here. I think it’s time for some fun and a contest. Keep posted!



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3 responses to “You would think….

  1. Guinifer

    Mmmmm, carrot cake!

  2. What Guinifer said. 🙂

  3. What a bummer that your camera died….grrr.
    It sounds like the fair was good…and I bet your items were gorgeous.

    I love the name “spinner”.
    -mine is “cyclone” for my 4 yr old.(probably bad timing to mention that to you right now)
    Have a great weekend.

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