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Little fingers, little toes…




There is so much I could write after these first three weeks. It’s been a priceless time, getting to know our new little guy.  We are all so in love with him!! Little Man and Knittykid are head over heels, and although there has definitely been some big brother drama with our two older guys, they absolutely adore their little brother as much as we do.

I’m too tired to write a ton (just about time for the wee guy and I to head up to bed) so I’m going to leave you with the fabulous one liners that Knittykid has been blessing us with these weeks in regards to his new sibling:

  • “Can we go watch Bob the Builder now?” Said literally five minutes after he watched his baby brother be born.  Apparently birth is just another part of the morning routine when you’re two: Eat cheerios, watch brother be born, TV time. Makes sense, right?
  • Can you put that baby on the table/on Daddy/right over there? I want Mama time.
  • Can I bite the baby? (Said in the sweetest voice) Noooo, I can’t bite the baby, but I can bite raisins!!!
  • I don’t think my baby is coming out. As he points to his tummy oh so sadly.
  • My baby is coming out!!! My baby is coming out! Oh. no it isn’t…. Coming to grips with the fact that he is not really pregnant like Mama was, despite that he’s insisted on for the last six months.

I’ll have a blog name for our newest boy in the next post, hopefully!! I’m still working on one.



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